Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Angle Shots - How to Make More of Them

An angle shot in pool can be one of the most difficult shots to make. It is important that you take into consideration the entire layout of all of the billiard balls on the table. What some players misinterpret is that you don't have to hit the cue ball in the center to make an angle shot successful.

What you want to do is draw an imaginary line where you would want the object ball (once you hit it with the cue ball) to end up. Ideally you would want that object ball to end up in a pocket. In addition, you want to set yourself up for additional shots. All of this can seem a little overwhelming especially if you're not particularly good at shooting from different angles. Generally speaking the more distance you have to travel the more difficult an angle shot can become. And with a greater distance, you don't have to compensate for the angle on the cue ball as much as you would for shorter shots.

One way to become better at successfully sinking angle shots is to practice making 45 degree shots. Try it at different distances and with varying amounts of speed to determine the right amount to duplicate the desired results. You will have to hit the cut ball at different angles as well (you don't always want to hit it in the center). In the shorter shots for example it will become necessary to hit the cue ball off center at a wider degree then longer shots.

Once you become comfortable making 45 degree shots you will want to move on to wider degree shots until you reach out to 90 degrees. The wider the angle the more difficult the shot can be. Many people believe that the best way to lineup for angle shot is to get close to the table and view all the balls at eye-level to get a picture of what you need to do in order to make a successful shot.

Successfully sinking any shot on a consistent basis will take time and practice. There are many programs and techniques out there that claim to have the best approach in regard to angle shots, but there is no substitute for experience. Get in a rhythm, and practice angle shots until you feel more comfortable with them. Never rush any of your shots. Take as much time as you need in order to prepare yourself for any additional shots that you will create.

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